Our exhibitors are characterized by good finishes, as well as a design fully adapted and individualized of each customer. Some of these qualities we get through the details, among the most outstanding we have the following: wheels, Hole Zipper, Vinyl, Printing, LEDs, Hooks, Price Holder, rods, Brochure Holder…

Poster printed in curved form

Vinyl transparent

Vinyl poster

Edge with a vinyl, it serves as a limit.

Price carrier at the front

Tray with rear and front limit

Tray with two stops: the edge and the rods

Perforated board hook

Vinyl poster and bar hooks

Detachable display front lace

Detachable display rear lace

Different lace from another detachable display model

Hole zipper

Rods, lane separation


Adjustable leg

Base with wheels

Printed backlit film

Sliding doors

Arched hooks

Shaped laterals

Drawers with dividers

Self-close guides


Folding printings

Central locking

Separadores de DM

Banda PVC informativa móvil y varilla con portaprecio

Ganchos de plástico

Tope metacrilato

Cremallera de agujeros y balda móvil