Manufacture of displays and PLV

We manufacture tabletop displays and floor stands, all of them made with the best materials: wood, PVC, plastic...

In ARTESANIAS OVIEDO, we work to turn your needs into fully satisfactory realities. We are manufacturers of all types of wood displays. Our tabletop or floor displays are made with wood and can be combined with other materials like plastic, PVC …, with different designs and finishes such as lacquered, prints, screen printing or engraving.

We have a manufacturing process adjusted to delivery times and product quality, which offers individual and innovative solutions for all the products and customers, at adjusted prices.


Standing and desktop exhibitors or PLV to make your cosmetic products stand out.


Standing and desktop exhibitors for aromas from all over the world.

Food Industry

Exhibitors and displays for the food sector.


Exhibitors and PLV for any gardening product.

Hardware Store

Counters, exhibitors and displays for hardware items.


Other kind of counters, exhibitors and displays to place your product.


Standing and desktop exhibitors to place paint products and brushes.


Displays, counters and exhibitors to place stationery and gift items.